Por: Alberto Silva

Rousseff Wants to Rush Impeachment Vote, Says Defense Minister

Brazil's Defence Minister Jaques Wagner said on Thursday (3) that President Dilma Rousseff is "in a hurry" to vote on impeachment in the Lower House and that it is not "reasonable" that there is a recess in Congress during the course of such action.

According to the Minister, Rousseff wants to deal with the impeachment so that the country can re-enter the route of development and emerge from the crisis.

“Dilma is in a hurry and her hurry is also a concern for the country. We need to win this first agenda [impeachment] so we can focus on the development agenda, “said Wagner after attending a meeting with the President.”Now that the knife was pulled, things will be clearer,” he concluded.

Since this morning, the government started an operation to guide Ministers and lawmakers who support the President in Congress to push for a quick outcome in case the appeals to the Supreme Federal Court to overturn the impeachment request fails.

The government’s strategy is to rush the vote so that the idea of “retaliation” that, in Rousseff’s words was Cunha’s “original sin”, does not get outdated and could be used against him.

The presidency is going to highlight that Cunha does not have legitimacy to open impeachment proceedings and used his position as speaker of the Lower House to get privileges.

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