Por: Alberto Silva

President Rousseff feels Indignation and Attacks Deputy Indirectly

Beside 11 ministers, president Dilma Rousseff said on Wednesday (2) that she received Chamber President Eduardo Cunha's (PMDB-RJ) decision to comply with an impeachment request against her mandate "with indignation".
She said that she did not commit anything illegal and, because of that, the reasons behind the request "are inconsistent and unfounded".

Dilma attacked Cunha, without quoting him directly: “The suspected misuse of public money isn’t hanging before me, I don’t have accounts overseas, I have never even concealed personal property from public knowledge”, she said.

Cunha is being investigated by the Lava Jato money laundering case. He is accused of having received US $5 million in bribes diverted from Petrobras and keeping secret Swiss accounts, among other things.

Dilma remained on the attack for the greater part of her nearly three minute long discourse. “I never coerced or attempted to coerce institutions or persons to satisfy my interests”, she said.

Cunha unleashed the impeachment lawsuit after three Workers’ Party deputies (Rousseff’s party), said they would not vote in favor of the Workers’ Party member in the Chamber’s Ethics Council lawsuit.

Before the announcement, in an initial evaluation with her advisors, Rousseff blurted out that, at least now, the “lack of definition” that was “paralyzing” the government came to an end.

After a tense day, advisors commented: “It was better this way”. Some went as far as saying that if the government doesn’t obtain 171 votes to overthrow the impeachment in the Chamber’s plenary, “it’s best to go home”.




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