Por: Alberto Silva

News that marked the week in Brazil -Tragedy -environmental crime-corruption

Mud advancement , fighting terror and negative data marked the week...

The advance of mud – the tragedy spread throughout the Vale do Rio Doce. After two weeks of disruption of dams , mud reached the Holy Spirit and should reach the coast on Friday . The water supply was suspended in cities like Colac , which has 120,000 inhabitants , among many others of the Holy Spirit , as has occurred in Minas Gerais. Samarco , which last year increased the production of waste by 32% , admitted that two more dams are at risk of breaking . One is three times higher than that broke .

Fighting terror – Western countries began to react to the attacks of Paris. France bombed targets in Syria. There were attacks on oil wells Islamic state, a major source of funding the terrorist group. Russia and the US also participated in the attack. Today, a hotel in Mali was invaded by terrorists who took hostages. Eighty were released by the police forces of Mali, three were killed and 120 remain in the hands of terrorists.

Double-digit inflation – IPCA-15 November reached 10.28% over the past 12 months. The index closed the month to confirm the new level. The next level is the result of government mistakes. Fuel prices, and especially the energy tarifaço pressured the index this year. Activity recedes in the third quarter – the IBC-Br fell again in September, 0.5%. In the quarter, the economy shrank 1.41%. Forward to 2014, the decline is 5.8%. Revenues falling – in this scenario, the drop in government revenues deepened. The revenue retreated 11.3% in September to R $ 103.5 billion. With the recessionary environment, companies are collecting less tax. In the accumulated result for the year, the union’s coffers received less 4.54%; in September, the difference was 3.72%.

High unemployment – in six major capitals, the rate rose to 7.9 % in October ; in September was 7.6% . Year-end hiring are not able to contain the worsening of the labor market . A year earlier, unemployment was at 4.7 %. During this period, the number of unemployed rose 67.5 %; It was 1,142 million to 1,913 million. The situation also worsened for the unemployed , income fell 7%. Cunha weakened – the mayor maneuvered to cancel a session of the Council of Ethics of the House to summon MPs to the House immediately. The plan backfired . Many deputies responded , criticized the president and left the floor of the House . The rapporteur wedge process in the Council is receiving threats.



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