Por: Alberto Silva

Dilma, the great scandal of corruption in the world

The mayor , Eduardo Cunha (PMDB -RJ) , said it regretted " that is with a Brazilian government the world's corruption scandal ."

The statement was made to reporters after Cunha asked about Dilma’s interview last weekend in which, commenting on the alleged parliamentary accounts in Switzerland, the President regretted “that is a Brazilian”.

The mayor also said Monday that it will not resign. Documents of the prosecution in Switzerland revealed that Eduardo Cunha holds bank accounts in the European country.

The PSOL and Network parties filed an application for annulment wedge on the Board of Ethics for breach of parliamentary decorum.

“Those wishing to my departure have to wait the end of the mandate to choose another,” said Cunha, who has also stressed that “legitimacy to perform all acts of function [for] which I was elected.”

The mayor also said he does not feel politically isolated and does not need the PMDB support to defend himself: “I do not need anyone to help me make my defense. My defense will be made by myself and by my lawyers a second time in the appropriate forum. “



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