Por: Alberto Silva

Brazil ,Minas Gerais -Mariana : An environmental tragedy A catastrophe for Victims .

What happened in Mariana is a catastrophe for the victims , for the region, for the country and the world . It is a tragedy and point

The Brazil asks for help to the world. Disruption of dam Samarco mining tailings in Mariana ( MG ) is one among many examples of carelessness and lack of responsibility that brings together and unites all directly and indirectly involved sectors with the supervision and environmental licensing in Brazil .
The destruction is still far from able to be properly accounted for, since the movement of the wave of waste continues to spread , buried in his way rivers , plants, animals , cities and people. The authorities themselves have decreed the death of Bento Rodrigues as the Mariana district should not be a habitable place soon. There are still also discover the damage that will be caused in the passage of this mud by the state of Espirito Santo .
A fine of 250 million reais recently applied by the federal government to Samarco is only a small palliative when what should have been done is to work to prevent and avoid the chaos. Suspended activities , new fines and even the closure of the work done in this mining plant are expected, but nowhere near will offset the absurdity of this event .

To make matters worse , the Congress, which should be acting to prevent similar cases , is discussing the relaxation of laws dealing exactly the environmental risks of major works .
In a recent article , Mauricio Guetta, lawyer and advisor to the Policy Program and Environmental Law Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA ) , pointed out that among other things, processing a draft law , number 654/2015 , Senator Romero Juca (PMDB -RR ) , creating a ” small environmental licensing rite ” for infrastructure projects ” strategic for the national interest,” such as highways, railways, waterways, ports , airports and power or any other for the exploitation of natural resources.

For ISA ‘s lawyer, this means that “the works with the greatest potential to cause significant environmental damage would be precisely those which would be covered with fewer controls and prevention.”
It could and should be a bad joke , but it is not . Not least because historically any compensatory or preventive measures have been seen as obstacles to development. Even if the reality is imposed , greed still manages to prevail at the expense of the future.

The circus of horrors caused by Samarco mud is far from meeting its destructive script . But from what we can see to stop this nefarious spectacle , our authorities will certainly us to contemplate with new chapters . Commitment should not miss.

What could try , at least , is to use the closest expression of reality, such as replacing environmental licensing , simply by ” responsible and sustainable licensing for the future of all ” and correctly name a tragedy as such and not as environmental .
For many, the environmental tragedy still sounds like something away from people’s lives , which fully demonstrates its untruth in the case of Samarco. Tragedies that kill people , destroy houses , bury rivers and consume forests are tragedies , simply and tragically so.
The Brazil asks for help to the world



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